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Andrei Chirila

Andrei Chirila


The digital world and social media is dictating our lives nowadays, we need means to promote and advertise ourselves and our work.

Biolnk lets you create beautiful pages filled with links to all your online content with just a few taps. Customize your biolink page to fit your brand with your logo, the right colors, background image and much more. You get one link you can share anywhere, on platforms like Instagram or TikTok that only allow for one link.


Managed and developed the project


Web App DevelopmentUI/UX DesignStrategy

Core Tech

NextJsTailwind CSSSupabaseReact-Query

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Hey, I'm Andrei, a full-stack developer, technical writer, and open-source lover. I write about modern web development, design, business and computer science.

Andrei Chirila

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