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You have an idea for a digital product - but you don’t know if it’s worth investing your time and resources. Does it solve a real problem? Is anyone willing to buy it? I would help answer these questions and more while gaining an understanding of your users and your market.


Continuous feedback allows a business to iterate quickly and maximize their resources. Throughout the develop phase I would guide you through a measurable agile process open for receiving feedback every two weeks.


Once launched, together we will establish a roadmap to grow your product. We align building a sustainable business with the needs of your customers to create value for everyone involved.


Become a pioneer and leverage a digital-first mindset. Map, understand, and re-imagine the experiences of everyone who engages with your business; your customers, employees, vendors, and partners.

What I do & how I work

I provide product strategy, and software development using cutting edge technologies.

Every project is a new story, yet some things never change. I picked a set of tools for each story we might get the oportunity to tell.


Me, behind the keyboard

“Some say that once you found your passion, you never let it slip away”

Hi, my name is Andrei-Florin Chirila. I'm a Romanian web developer based in Oradea, BH. Initially I had no knowledge of any concept related to the tech and/or digital field, started from the bottom and slowly aquired all my current skills by thoroughly following a well designed self learning path. My speciality is fullstack development with the ability to take on a general idea and carry it on from initial planning all the way to the market.

When I'm not working on anything, I still enjoy to spend some time on screens to learn something every day and experiment with new technologies. Being an open source lover and believing in it's mantra of making us better, all these experiements I'm doing are publicly available.

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I'm a huge football fan, from just enjoying a good game with some pizza and chips to getting out in the field and having some fun with the ball. Also I am a kickboxing enthusiast, trying always to not miss any of the big matches. Occasionally hiking.

My goal is to follow my own advice and do each day more than I did the day before.

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