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Andrei Chirila

Andrei Chirila


Learn the principles behind Montex, the process from design to development, and the roadmap that it follows.


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Montex aims to be the easiest and simplest solution to engaging with your audience from developers to content creators. Getting reviews, comments, feedback or just any discussions for your persoanl website, all done from a management portal and right into your website thorugh an embeded API.

Note: The project is still in development phase, and it has been postpone due to work issues.

The problem

The competition on this space is very limited with only a few options on the market including Disqus that has most of this space covered. Most of these solutions are ads heavy, tracks your data, lack customization and have bad APIs.

The solution

A web platform that has a rich management dashboard, inluding all sorts of customizations, and content moderation tools, catered directly to your audience. Having full ownership of your audience data.

About the author

Hey, I'm Andrei, a full-stack developer, technical writer, and open-source lover. I write about modern web development, design, business and computer science.

Andrei Chirila

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